I help to tell the
storytelling of your project
with tailored Illustration
and Animation.


Christmas AZUD

Christmas AZUD

Christmas AZUD

Bold Tailored Corporate Illustrations

Ilustraciones corporativas para Bold Strategic Design Studio

Bold Tailored Corporate Illustrations


Ilustraciones de packaging para Gatuna



There are my fundamentals and values of my work. If you don’t like them, I have more.


I believe in good ideas and the power of engage with your target. My job is make the complex things seems simple.


Nowadays, it is very easy to get carried away by noise and it is very difficult to see the clear solution for your problem. I work to connect your idea with your goal clearly. Express the maximum with minimum elements.


Patience is one of the most forgotten values ​​of a professional. I dedicate the precise time to your project, love it and take care of it until it is released as you want.

What can I offer you?

My work on different agencies and design studios during more than 7 years have given me the expertise to front any kind of visual communication projects. I have developed a method to follow to provide your project the enough content to tell his storytelling. Here I show you a little list of the services than I can offer you to work with you.

  • Editorial
  • Storyboards
  • Styleframes to Motion Graphics
  • Lettering
  • Character Design
  • Mascot Design
  • Caricatures
  • Portrait Illustration
  • Corporate Illustrations
  • Corporate Icons
  • Packaging Illustrations
  • Visual Development for Videogames
Branding y dirección de arte
  • Brand Design
  • Art Direction for Brands
  • Brand Manual Design
  • Corporative Dossiers / Reports
  • GIF Animation for Social Media
  • Explainer Videos for brands / services / products.
  • Animated content for Social Media.
  • Animated Videoclips
  • 2D Frame to Frame Animation


I believe in the importance of sharing knowledge and experiences.